Monday, January 14, 2008

Chase has a houseguest

This past week Chase had a playmate for constant wrestling, tug-of-war with dog toys, hikes, and some occasional naps. His playmate and best doggie friend, is Chopper. Chase and Chopper are roughly the same age, and the story of their friendship is how I met my friend, Dana. You see 3 years ago this January, we both were single, living in the same condo complex, and had 2 month old puppies. Hence, we were the only 2 people out in the dark, cold and rainy mornings, trying to potty train our little bundles of fur.

Now, 3 years later, the doggies have grown, and Dana and I have both moved from our condos, but we have continued to be close friends and the dogs still act up together like they did as puppies. A nice side benefit is that we never have a need to board our dogs, as we trade dog sitting services. A week of fun for the dogs, in which they sleep for about a week straight afterwards.

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