Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend at Don's

Last weekend we took a much needed break and headed to St. Pete's Beach, FL to help Scott's dad celebrate his 60th birthday. Four days with nothing on the agenda except which direction the lounge chair should face to catch the best rays, and walks on the beach. The photo above is one we captured the first night we walked along the gulf in front of our resort, the Don Cesar. Of course, on my daily agenda was searching out great seafood and wine. Ahhh...the perfect vacation.

Our first stop was in Tampa. After the 4 hour plane ride, we arrived Thursday evening famished. I've always had great luck with sushi in and around the coasts of FL, and dining at Waters Sushi, did not disappoint. Sashimi that was like butter, rolls that took on the chef's creative thought for the night (including some locally caught grouper,) and a good glass of wine. My only regret was not having the camera handy to photograph the spendid assortment of fresh fishy.

Luckily, we caught a couple of photos one of the evenings, that reminded me how much more fun a meal can be when presentation is well executed. Everything from the bread basket with roasted garlic, to the white asparagus and lobster salad starter salad were done with such precision and care, that we almost felt guilty digging in and demolishing it all.

We returned relaxed, rested, and ready to get back in the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous. I am so in need of a relaxing vacation right now. Soon!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my place. You've asked what I usually enjoy drinking well, I am a huge California wine drinker. I find since I am close to wine country that, that is my best bet. I have studied the ruins of wine after it has been transported due to temperature fluctuations so I like to pick up most stuff from the winery itself...mostly reds. But of course that does not always happen. If I go international I go straight for Burgundy or Spain.

Great vacation photos, I could use one.

Anonymous said...

That lobster looks divine!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged over at my house...please try to contain your excitement.