Friday, August 15, 2008

The last of the Farmer's Market

OK, after this I will stop going on and on about those San Diego farmers' markets.  We managed to hit one in the afternoon on our drive back to Phoenix and nab a couple things.  Yes, some may stop and get T-shirts and post cards to remember their trip, while we break for fresh produce (or wine.)  To each his own, right?

A delicacy that we rarely find in the Phoenix area...fresh figs!  Most were consumed in the first few hours of the drive, but the ones that did make it home were a nice snack simply stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with balsamic syrup.  HEAVEN!


Only having a few minutes to pick out a few things (the husband and dog were putting pressure on me to hurry,) I quickly selected more of the baby squash and some heirloom tomatoes.  These provided tasty side dishes for the next couple evenings after we returned home.   The squash and carrots were prepared by simply spraying and tossing with Kosher salt.  We were grilling them, but I put them on this grill pan to keep them from falling through the grates, as they were tinier than this picture makes them appear. 


End product...


Since the tomatoes were so flavorful on their own, we stuck with the simple theme.  Sprinkled with feta, and drizzled with some good olive oil and aged balsamic.  A little fresh basil and it is the perfect "sort of" caprese salad.  ( A few squash blossoms thrown in for good measure.)


It was fun to enjoy the vibrant flavors of fresh produce.  Something that is hard to come by here in the desert in the middle of August.  We are already planning the trip next summer!


LucyinStLou said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks delicious. I can never seem to find squash blossoms down here and I love them.

Anonymous said...

Oh those figs, how absolutely

Claire Uncorked said...

I second the gorgeous photos & the figs!

Note to self - steer clear of this blog when hungry....

Kerry said...

OOOO! My mouth is literally watering. I have a lovely, big fig tree and will have to try this idea!

I'm hosting a "Farmer's Market Report" Mr. Linky. I'd be thrilled if you'd come by and check it out! Perhaps you'd like to submit this post? Here's the link:

Chrissy said...

I'm so jealous of your trip! That is my favorite thing to do out of town - head to local farmers markets and its great you actually got to cook with everything.

Aggie said...

Oh my, I love those figs! I have some figs right now and have been munching on them plain, but I have some goat cheese and balsamic glaze...great idea!!!