Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two New 'Pours'

Or should I say Product Reviews? 

First off, contrary to what the blog implies, I do drink other beverages other than wine.   (Although, wine is probably my favorite!)

For instance, I couldn't make it out of bed in the morning without the thought of my beloved coffee.  (That could be another whole discussion in itself.)  But, mid afternoon, when I don't want caffeine, and I'm looking for something warm and cozy, I turn to tea.  Being, a dietitian, I know all about all the health benefits of green tea, and usually do enjoy various white and black teas as well.  Although, I'm somewhat of a purist, and like pretty plain flavors.  No orange essence, or mint, etc.  So, I was quite surprised when I was drawn to Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Holiday Tea.  I picked up a box at Whole Foods the other day and promtly made a cup when I got home.  (I am all for instant gratification!)  I was pretty skeptical that it would taste like a sugar cookie, but thought that it would be the closest to "plain" as anything else.  After letting it steep, and cool slightly, I took my first taste. 


Mmm...just bringing the cup up to my mouth I could smell the aroma of sugar cookies straight from the oven.  The first taste gave me a nice hint of vanilla sugar cookie, and almost a hint of sweetness.  (Although, there are no sweetners or added sugars.)  It is a 100% natural, caffeine free, herbal tea.  As it continued to cool down, and sadly nearing the end of my cup, the taste of sugar cookie became slightly more intense.  It was addicting...I needed another cup immediately.  Not only that, I was on a quest to get more.  What if this flavor is gone after the holidays, what will I do the rest of the winter? 

So,back to Whole Foods I went to hoard more of this deliciousness.  Now, I can never go into a grocery store or market and get just what I went in for.  Somehow, I see something on my way to whatever I'm after, that I "need" or forgot to pick up last time, or is "on sale", etc.  You get the picture.  I'm in even more trouble if I have to pass the wine section. 

This being the case, I saw this magnificent display of $4.99 wine.  I know, it must not be any good for $4.99 right?  Well, there was something about the label, that drew me in, and I thought I'd pick up a bottle to use in my balsamic reduction.  (I love whales and dolphins!)


That said, I poured myself a glass while I went to work on making the reduction, and it was surprisingly good.  (I also wanted to take a picture of my Christmas stems.)  Not knock your socks off good, but slightly jammy,  smooth, and easy to drink.   There wasn't a lot going on, but it was a decent cab/merlot blend from Australia, that seemed at least a step above Yellowtail. 

So now I'm staying out of Whole Foods for awhile - at least 3 days!


LucyinStLou said...

I love tea and that's probably not something I would have picked up. Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews! I've been wanting to try the sugar cookie sleigh ride, but went for the nutcracker sweet instead because it has caffeine (which I NEED in the afternoons!). You've convinced me to pick up the SCSR today though...!

The Charles Shaw was decent, especially for $3.29!!! Gotta love Trader Joe's. Its definitely not a wine to share at a dinner party, but for the after-work "wind-down" glass...perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm on the hunt for the tea! That sounds fantastic. I just had a cup of Apricot Honeybush but I want that!

Anonymous said...

This was my favorite tea of the holiday season!.. I believe your blog may be my new most favorite blog.. I LOVE all of the wine commentary.. :)