Monday, June 1, 2009

Meatless Mondays – A simple grilled dinner

After a weekend of traveling and dining out, a healthy, meatless, meal was a welcomed change of pace.  I wasn’t in the mood to be to creative this evening, so we relied on our favorite cooking method of veggies and tofu…the grill!  I get a lot of questions from friends and bloggers on how we grill our veggies, or what veggies are good on the grill, so I thought I’d show you what we do.

First, we had a bountiful supply of fresh squashes, zucchini, cauliflower, mushrooms and even some ripe peaches.  Some may slice the zucchini and squash into chunks and put into a grill basket, but we prefer to cut it lengthwise, and lay it directly on the grill.  We do use the grill basket for the cauliflower (which, by the way, is great roasted on the grill,) broccoli, small mushrooms, and onions. 

Set grill to medium high heat – about 400 degrees.  Lay out veggies and grill approximately 5 minutes per side (or until desired marks and doneness) and flip.  Note:  spray or oil veggies before laying on grill so they don’t stick.  Also, microwave butternut squash for a minute or 2 or it will be to crunchy. 




Altogether with tofu and grill basket.   Tofu can be marinated in advance, but tonight we just seasoned it heavily with Spike.   As the zucchini gets done, put on top rack to keep warm until everything is finished. 

The final product with a little black beans to round out the meal.  Simple, healthy, and most importantly – delicious!


After taking the photo and eating dinner, I realized I forgot to add the roasted cauliflower when I snapped the photo.  I think my brain is still on vacation.

What are your favorite vegetables to put on the grill?


Sharon said...

I absolutely love grilled zucchini & onions! Peaches are definitely my favorite grilled fruit - well done.

Cookie said...

I love grilled veggies! Where's the cauliflower though? I've never heard of grilled cauliflowers before and was really looking forward to seeing what they look like!