Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jumbo Scallops!

I think my favorite seafood of all times is scallops.  I think if they weren’t so expensive out of our price range, I’d eat them at least once a week.  This past week I had them twice.  One of my local stores had the U-10 scallops on sale, and so we indulged – planning to have a nice Friday night meal at home.  They were so fabulous that by Sunday we were craving them again.  A-hem, another trip to the store for more fresh scallops. 

While I’ve tried a few different preparations and recipes, I still come back to simply searing them in a small amount of butter as my “go-to.”  I prefer to let the subtle flavor of the scallops come through.  Sunday night I seared them, then topped with a sprinkling of capers, raisins, and tarragon. 

Hello lover!


These scallops we so large, (3 oz each,) that we each enjoyed two and were perfectly satisfied.

What, you may ask, is that light green “stuff” under the scallops?  Broccoli-cauliflower puree, that’s what!  We occasionally enjoy a the “mashed cauliflower” or cauliflower puree, if you will.  This time we experimented and did 2/3 cauliflower to 1/3 broccoli.  We live on the wild side right?  Although not terribly attractive, it tasted fantastic!  Steamed cauliflower and broccoli, pureed with sour cream or Greek yogurt, a bit of butter, chives, salt and pepper.  DSC00165

Finally, a Chase photo of the day:


Finding a puddle to cool off in after a long, hot hike! 

What’s your favorite fish or seafood?

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LucyinStLou said...

Scallops are my fav too! I like to marinate them for a few minutes in olive oil, rum, and lemon (or lime) juice and throw them on the grill. Summer perfection.