Saturday, September 29, 2007


I love to experiment with making different martinis. In fact, at our house, we have 'Martini Mondays.' It is our reward for getting through Monday, and my creative outlet to think of while driving home. It is really fun to come up with some foo-foo specialities that taste even better than the $12-14 ones that you can get out. A few that have been done in the past few months; "The Antioxidant," which features the Charbay green tea vodka and pomegranate liquor - with a few other additions; "Key Lime"; "Fuzzy Navel", etc. I don't forget a classic "Dirty" with blue cheese stuffed olives. Mmmmm...

So, when my friend Dana and her boyfriend had a party last weekend, they asked if I'd be in charge of the martini making. They provided an array of the aforementioned Charbay vodkas, and just let me create. I came up with a few to have as samples, so that guests could try a 'taste' first. Here are the "samples": on the right, the "Tropic-tini", in the middle the very smooth Lemon Drop, and on the left is the Pomegranate Punch. My secret ingredient in the Pomegranate Punch and the Lemondrop was my homemade (or should I say home-stilled?) limoncello.

Lemon Drop Martini
2 oz regular vodka of your choice
1 oz lemoncello
1/2 oz triple sec
juice of 1/2 fresh lemon

Pomegranate Punch
2 oz Charbay Pomegranate Vodka
1 oz lemoncello
2 oz pomegranate juice
quick squeeze of a fresh lemon


Anonymous said...

I love any kind of martini - as long as they aren't too sweet! I'm going to have to make one with my Mom's home"stilled" lemoncello. Isn't that stuff the best!?!

Mo said...

Lemoncello is good on or in anything. :) I think you would like either of these martinis, suprisingly not as sweet as they sound.


Kirsten said...

YAY!!!!! I ADORE martinis.

This is SUCH a fun idea - for a Monday or for a friend's party.

Umm, when are we invited? :)

Cate said...

The pomegranate one sounds delicious!