Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our First CSA package!

In effort to get more fresh vegetables in our diet, we signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.) Each week for the next 12 weeks, we will get an allotment of locally grown, organic vegetables. It's also a great way to expand our veggie horizons, as we received a few things that I have not had, or cooked in the past.
This week we got:
Armenian cucumber (giant one in lower right of picture)
2 green bell peppers
Japanese white turnips
red potatoes
Japanese eggplant
mustard greens
green black eyed peas
personal sized watermelon

So, I'm calling on all you fabulous cooks out there to leave me some ideas on what to do with some of this fabulous fresh produce...
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Jen said...

I love turnips! I have a few recipes I'll dig out for you that I really like.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you - a lot of these things are new to me as well. I know I asked Saturday night but I think the wine and the amazing pizza caused me to have amnesia - where did you sign up for the CSA? I've been wanting to sign up for one as well but didn't know where to start.

Mo said...


The CSA we joined is Desert Roots Farm. I read about them in a Phoenix magazine last year. I think their might be a couple more around the valley, but I'm not sure about that. It's fun to have the suprise of what we are going to get each week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mo! I read so fast that I totally missed the link to the farm in your post. I've already emailed Kelly at the farm to get an application. I'm hoping I can still get in

Kirsten said...

I may be SO late in the game and you have gobbled up every bit of this lovely produce, but I would use the eggplant and green pepper for a green Thai coconut curry that you could make vegetarian or add shrimp, tofu, chicken or fish and serve over brown or white rice.

The potatoes and turnips I would make into a gratin to serve alongside a yummy Asian-glazed salmon with some braised mustard greens on the side.

The green black-eyed peas I would saute with bacon and then braise the whole thing in chicken stock and serve alongside petit filets or burgers...or if you aren't feeling meat, over a wild rice medley.

This is SOO exciting - I'm with Chrissy and I'm jealous. :)

p.s. I saw the article in Edible Phoenix - thanks so much for the heads up!

Mo said...

I think I will just have you come up with my menus each week. Those are great ideas, and not to late, I still have some left. Thanks for the excellent suggestions!

Kirsten said...

Hey Mo!

Glad to help in any way. :)

Realized I forgot the watermelon, which is easy - slice and eat!

The HUGE cucumber may be perfect for tsatziki, cucumber salad, chix salad-topped cukes, slice cucumbers to dip in ranch dressing, or to make pickles with perhaps???