Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chase wants some "air time"

Chase mentioned that he feels their hasn't been a lot of "Paws" in the Paws and Pours blog lately. He is feeling a bit left out and depressed - as evidence in this picture of him with his Nasonex bee.

I apologize my dear dog for the lack of attention on Paws and Pours.

Here is Chase in "hunt mode." What is he hunting so seriously in a Scottsdale backyard? Lizards and geckos. They hide out in the bushes and then scurry up the wall. Chase always stalks them, but so far hasn't. caught. one!

Finally, here he is chillin' while mom and dad are chillin' with a glass of wine - of course!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Chase you need to stand up for the injustice that has befallen you! He0he. Cute puppy.

Anonymous said...

Chase is a beautiful, I mean handsome dog!
I have 2 goldens(light blonde) and 1 black lab. They LOVE the snow very much! June likes to go out and make snow angel.
I'm thinking about starting a blog for them