Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toy Review by Chase

Sometimes this blog, aptly named "Paws & Pours" focuses a bit too much on the human elements of wine and food. Accordingly, we asked our non-human contributor to step up to the plate with a posting of his own. Chase decided this would be a great opportunity to review a few of his favorite toys.

Yellow Cigar-like Tennis ball thing
Reminiscent of a tennis ball (hello cotton mouth), the aero-dog combines a few of my favorite elements: easy to chew, can be thrown across the room for me to chase (hey, that's my name), and it has the nice squeaker to annoy my parents. I give the aero-dog high ratings for fun and entertainment, but knock it down a few for not having a rope to swing it around with. Rating: 88 points.

Red ball
A new twist on an old classic, with not one but two new elements: a squeaker (if only they made those removable) and some nice grip elements to make it more difficult for other dogs (and dad) to steal it from me. i give the red ball low ratings for originality, but sometimes a classic is still a classic. And hey, i'm a red dog, so why wouldn't I like a red ball? Rating: 87 points.

Stay tuned until next time.
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Anonymous said...

I agree with the red ball rating, a classic is always a classic. And the dog looks thrilled with his choice.

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