Monday, July 21, 2008

Chase Enjoys Sundays

A couple of weeks ago, we took a Sunday drive up north to the lake.  Chase needed some exercise, and it's to hot in Phoenix to run or play frisbee.  IMG_1220

Swimming to fetch is something this dog can literally do for hours.  Chase had a ball swimming and then shaking off his water on us. 


Once home, he had a to relax with his favorite "pour" in the background...refrigerated tap water! 


Not long after drying off from his post-lake-swim-bath, did we find him resting up...on our bed!



Obviously, we don't have kids the dog is SPOILED! 


Anonymous said...

He's so cute and yeah before kids the dogs are the bee's knees! Enjoy!

LucyinStLou said...

What a beautiful boy! It certainly seems as though he had a wonderful day!

Claire Uncorked said...

Chase is GORGEOUS!!! He looks like he had a perfectly delightful day, & I'm sure he deserved it.

I wish we lived by a lake. Our dogs aren't fond of the water, but they might be if they had more experience with it. I took Bella to a friend's pool, & in a moment of bravery, she jumped in. She was doing fine until she realized 10 seconds later that she couldn't touch the bottom! After that, she'd have none of it....

Sonadora said...

Cute photos!