Monday, November 24, 2008


Persimmons, oh how I love you.  Why does it seem your season is so short? 

Did you know that the persimmon originated in China?  The two main types that we find in around here this time of the year, are the fuyu and hachiya.  I prefer the fuyu, as it is non-astringent and does not have to be completely ripe to be tasty.

To showcase some of the lovely persimmons we picked up in Solana Beach last weekend, I threw together this fantastic salad as a starter to our dinner Saturday night.  I keep thinking that I want to make something more creative to show them off, but then usually resort back to a salad or a salsa. 


Shown here is a simple side salad of arugula, squash blossoms stuffed with cranberry goat cheese, a little jicama and fennel, and of course, the lovely persimmon.  Dressed only in high quality balsamic and olive oil.  Holy Yum! 

While persimmons can be eaten fresh, dried, or cooked, I usually prefer to eat persimmon in the raw form.  But, the next day I decided to try a couple thinly cut slices, roasted over tilapia.  It was a nice complement to the subtle sweetness of the fish.  Topped with few pomegranate seeds to complete the fall-ish flavor. 


Persimmons are naturally high in beta carotene (hello- they are orange) and vitamin C.  Like the season they are grown, it is the perfect way to boost your immunity for the winter cold and flu season. 

As I said, I need to broaden my persimmon culinary please share any of your favorite persimmon recipes.


Dewi said...

wow, ryour dish really look so delicious. Fuyu persimmon and pomegranate are my favorite winter fruit. I have both of the tree in my back yard. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

I always make cookies, but i love that squash blossom salad...yummy.

Claire Uncorked said...

Wow, everything looks so pretty & delicious!

Pearl said...

beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I just tried a persimmon for the first time a couple of days ago and was very impressed!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I know that I will enjoy yours just from the doesn't get much better than food, wine and dogs! :)

The wine glass shown in that post is from Crate + Barrel and they don't carry them anymore... :( We are down to 3 of them which makes me really sad. We bought some new ones at Bed Bath + Beyond though that we're pretty happy with, I'll post a picture tonight. Always happy to help out a fellow wino!!! :)