Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Unveiling

I finally decided after almost two years of Paws and Pours blogging to show my face.  In the past, anything I posted that had pictures of us, was always from the back.  I don’t know why really.  Afraid of the big world wide web, and being found?  Probably not.  Fearful that I’d scare my readers away?  Again, probably not.   For awhile, I liked the anonymity, but I’ve noticed I feel a little disconnected, and wanted to feel more a part of the community.  So, here it goes… 


Scott and Mo

Now you have a visual of the wine obsessed, Golden Retriever lover, behind Paws and Pours. 

And now, not to forget the inspiration behind the Paws part of the blog,

2006MNandKitchen 044

Mo and Chase

So, now that I have “unveiled” myself to you all, I will no longer feel the need to be shy about posting pictures of the whole Paws and Pours family. 


Anonymous said...

Why have you been hiding? What a beautiful couple you are!

Kelly said...

I know what you mean. The anonymity can be good in a way. I will admit when I first started my blog I didn't want to include a photo because I thought co-workers or acquaintances might find my blog and find it "silly" Now though I stop worrying about what others think. I agree. You two do make a very cute couple.

Tina said...

GREAT photos! :)

Claire Uncorked said...

Well, hello there!!!

(Great arms, by the way.)

I only have 1 picture of myself on my blog, but it's with 3 friends & I don't point out which one is me. Maybe someday I'll put my mug out there...

Now, the dogs are a different story! Love to Chase!

LucyinStLou said...

Sorry I'm so slow to comment! Great to see your smiling face. You are an adorable couple!

Anna said...

You silly! You are so pretty. You should post more pictures of yourself.

Have you been lifting weights, btw? ;)