Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woop Woop!

Shiraz that is! 


Woop woop is Australian slang meaning “out in the middle of nowhere in the outback.”  South Australia makes great affordable Shiraz, as well as some great Cabernet based red blends, and he 2007 Woop Woop Shiraz is no exception. 

On first sip, it shows to be quite fruit forward.  I love a big juicy red, and this was one of them.  Rich and lush at the same time, but not overly so.  Rounded out with a little pepper at the end, it was a perfect example of a great everyday Shiraz.  Perfect for a night of grilling burgers, and especially nice to linger over after dinner or “woop” it up with friends.  (Sorry, bad pun.) 


Anonymous said...

MO- I love racy SBs.. I'm a huge fan of NZ ones like Kim Crawford + Jibe.. I wouldn't recommend the Trader joes Coastal one for you (or me either!).. I love the whoop whoop..

Anonymous said...

I had this wine at dinner the other night + loved it.. + took another bottle to a dinner party + everyone loved it.. hearty + delicious.

Kelly said...

That sounds delicious and just like the kind of wine I enjoy. I know I shouldn't drink red wine because I am so prone to migraines but I find it impossible to stay away. I'm finishing off a 2005 Red Rex that I absolutely love. It's a blend out of california that is so delicious. For some reason it says it retails for $28 on line but I got it for $15 with a special discount at a wine tasting. Mmmm. I'm looking forward to my last glass tonight.

Claire Uncorked said...

Woop Woop Shiraz is a nice bottle, & a great value! We've picked it up several times.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is time to woop it up eh? I've never seen this label, I'll have to look for it!

Anonymous said...

sounds great! I'm not a fan of big peppery shiraz that bite your mouth off, but prefer the big juicy reds. My fiancee loves shiraz. This could be the perfect wine for us both. I like the big fruit and he likes the pepper!