Monday, May 4, 2009

Meatless Monday and last Friday’s Movie Night (at the Drive-In)

Tonight we made an old meatless stand-by…pizza!  Homemade pizza is so easy to do on Meatless Monday or any day of the week, for that matter.  When you add your own favorite fresh toppings, the “meat” is not even missed.  This week we made a “salad” pizza.  Basically, everything for a good salad, put on top of pizza dough. 


A base of pizza sauce, followed by some canned artichokes, finely chopped; mushrooms, grape tomatoes, onion, mozzarella AND feta cheese.  The last minute that the pizza was on the grill, we threw on some fresh arugula.  It turned out perfect! 

For vino, we enjoyed an old favorite, Layer Cake Shiraz


Seriously, good!  It is a super dark and smooth.  Lots of berries, and even a hint of chocolate, hmmm…maybe like a chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling?  (I have to admit, I was drawn to this bottle of few years back, because of the picture of the cake on the label.  Cake is right behind wine on my “favorites” list.)  This wine is a little above our “everyday” wine budget at about $14.99 per bottle, (we usually keep our everyday wines to $10) but it’s well worth the splurge! 

Finally, I’ll leave you with some photos of our Drive In outing last Friday night.  We love to go to movies, and the drive in is so much fun because we can bring our own Paws and Pours!

The typical Golden Retriever, Chase LOVES to stick his head out of the window of the car.  I decided to capture what I saw looking out the rear view mirror. 



A picnic dinner of sandwiches, chips and a bottle of red.  Our acrylic wine glasses come in handy, we feel classy, wine at the drive-in.  haha


Scott with his “pour”


Chase with his “pour”


A little movie action…


And finally, Chase is tired and ready to go home. 


noble pig said...

OMG that last pic is just hilarious. And salad pizza...rock on!

Kelly said...

I agree that that last picture is so cute. Both meals sound excellent and I'm jealous you were able to go to a drive in. I don't think we have any around here anymore.

eatingRD said...

that pizza looks delish, I love a good pizza! I love layer cake, especially the malbec too. It's crazy how it really does taste rich like chocolate cake, yum! I miss having a good glass of wine, with getting sick and busy now with moving I haven't had one in awhile! Love that last picture, so cute.


Cookie said...

Wine that tastes like chocolate cake? WOW! I don't think it gets better than that! Now I'm like on a mission to find that wine! The pizza looks amazing too and I don't think I'll be missing meat with that one!