Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another new favorite “pour”

With the extreme heat and dryness of our summers here in Phoenix, a girl does need to hydrate occasionally with something other than wine.  Water, meh, that gets so boring with the copious amounts of fluid we need to keep from dehydrating.  So, enter my new obsession this summer, China Mist Hibiscus Raspberry Frenzy decaf herbal iced tea.


I love the natural sweetness and the floral depth that the hibiscus adds.  Being that it’s not caffeinated, it’s a hydrating and delicious alternative to water.  It has become a habit to stop at AJ’s each morning and get my fix. Cheers!  


Paws and Pacifiers have to be represented too!

What is your favorite way to hydrate in the summer?

1 comment:

eatingRD said...

that iced tea sounds really good! You know I've been thinking about making some kind of iced tea to change it up a bit. I've been drinking more whites this summer even though those aren't my fav. Such an adorable picture, your doggie is so gentle :) what a love
have a great weekend, sounds just perfect way to spend the days :)