Monday, August 31, 2009

A Colorful Meatless Monday!

Have you been eating meatless on Mondays?  Even though I may not be posting each week, we are still going meatless at least one day per week.  Budget friendly and eco friendly, it’s a fun challenge to create new ways with tofu, beans, and other non animal sources of protein.

This week, I had some leftover orange sauce from this recipe.  It is such a flavorful sauce that I wanted to use it again, and thought it would be great over some baked tofu.  To create a bit of tropical-ness to the tofu, I marinated it in coconut rum for 3 hours.  (Probably could also use coconut milk.)  Then baked for 15 minutes per side in a  375 degree oven.  I was right, this was divine.  Fresh flavor of cilantro was predominant, followed by the fruity and gingery background. 


To round out the meal, a little red quinoa for some whole grain goodness and some colorful veggies.


Isn’t that purple cauliflower gorgeous? 


I think we got our dose of healthy antioxidants in this meal.  Especially when you add the resveratrol we got in the red wine.


Finally, a picture of the Paws and Pacifiers of our life.



eatingRD said...

what a great idea! We have a bunch of coconut rum leftover from a party awhile ago. That purple cauliflower looks gorgeous, almost not real :) So cute!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OHHH! purple cauliflower! looks fabulous! where is that from?

and AVA! oh my gosh! she's so freaking cute. i really need to get my act together and get your baby gift over to you.

Cookie said...

Oh purple cauliflowers! I've only been able to find them once. How pretty!

Lele said...

Ohhhh so gorgeous. Isn't it crazy that when you make your plate colorful and beautiful it's actually HEALTHIER, too?! I love food :D