Tuesday, September 29, 2009

San Diego Salad and Ava’s first ‘first class’

My sporadic posting has something to do with our frequent travel.  After 9 days in San Diego, we were home for 5 days before heading out to Minnesota.   Fortunately, in those few days home between trips I was able to do a little cooking. 

As a side dish, I made a simple salad with some of the lovely produce we brought back from San Diego. 


Sliced heirloom tomatoes, with a handful of the smallest heirlooms I’ve ever seen,  (literally, come of these were as small as capers) and a goat cheese and caper stuffed squash blossom.  After photographing I decided it needed just a hint of something more and added a little olive oil and balsamic and a dash of S & P.  Not only stunning, but the flavor, when all ingredients were so fresh, really was wonderful.  The tomatoes were actually quite sweet and really mixed with the saltiness of the goat cheese/caper combo. 

Now, back to flying to Minnesota.  Not only was it Ava’s first flight, but she was spoiled with riding First Class both ways!  Hope she doesn’t think that is how she will always be flying.  ;-/  She did wonderfully well.  Slept through take off and landing without drugs, bottles, etc. 

Ava and Mom in First ClassIMG00002-20090919-1146

More coming on the MN trip in the next post!


Kelly said...

I'm not normally a baby person but I always enjoy your picture of Ava. Have fun in Minnesota and if you get some time, drink some delicious Alexis Bailley wine for me.

eatingRD said...

mmm nothing like fresh tomatoes and stuffed squash blossoms! I made some stuffed, fried squash blossoms a little while ago for the first time, and enjoyed them on a pizza. They have such a delicately sweet flavor. So glad Ava enjoyed her flight! Nice to have that extra room :) Hope you're having fun travels!