Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Note: This is a guest post by Scott (with an assist by Chase)

Every once in a while when we are perusing the isles at our favorite Total Wine store, I have to get one of those marketing-ish brews. Our last visit was no exception. Thinking back to our time in San Diego, the TurboDog was the most apt brew for our golden, Chase.


TurboDog is from a brewery called Abita Beer from New Orleans. I had previously tried their Pecan Harvest Ale just to see if you really can taste the pecan (my verdict, not at all). After an afternoon of yard work, I needed something to quench my thirst.  Reaching back into the fridge I came out with TurboDog.

TurboDog is a dark brown ale, with a dark body and a slight coffee/toffee/chocolate flavor. It is a nice overall medium bodied brown ale….perfect for an autumn afternoon!


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