Monday, January 5, 2009

Love My Little Black Dress

As I have confessed before, I occasionally buy wine for the label alone.  Hence is the story of the Little Black Dress 2006 Merlot. 



Such a perfect fashion statement that can be dressed up or dressed down with high heels and sparkly accessories, or casually thrown on with summer flip flops and a ponytail.  I have a spaghetti strapped little black dress,the casual sleeveless, the mid-sleeve conservative version that is workplace appropriate, the long sleeved winter addition, etc. etc. 

So, when I saw this bottle, of course it quickly appealed to me.  I didn't remember seeing any reviews, but that didn't matter, it was the label and the name that won me over.  I was in high hopes that is was going to be wonderful, and therefor could be my new "house" wine, so that I could enjoy the label regularly.  I mean at $10, it would make a decent "regular" for our casual week night dinners, right?

I remained positive, and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't wonderful.  On pouring into the glass it had a stunning ruby appearance.  The first few sips were a bit tannic, but it opened up and showed a rich flavor of berries, and a hint of vanilla.  It was certainly fine and we (of course) finished the bottle, but it is not one I'd necessarily buy again, let alone become a "regular."  (I was also doubting that my husband would really ever feel like opening it on his own.  He said it was a "girly" bottle.) 

Oh well, like little black dresses themselves; some become your favorite, and others you could take or leave.  I guess for now I will pass on more of the Little Black Dress Merlot.


Kelly said...

Sorry to hear you took a chance on something and didn't quite care for it. I'm actually a bit of a scared-y cat when it comes to wine. I tend to only buy things I have tried before. Thank goodness for winetastings or my selection would be puny.

Angela said...

i tend to stick to things i know too. although once in a while i do try to venture out of my safty zone.