Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pours of a Different Hue

Note: This is a guest post by the male side of PawsAndPours.

Ever have those days when you run into the grocery store for just a few items, and come back with more than you planned on? You know, that one more item that just calls to you from the aisle, begging you to give it a whirl?

Our neighborhood Trader Joe's had a display for Newton's Folly Draft Cider. The engineer that I am, I of course picked up on the cleverness of the name (remember Sir Isaac Newton and the alleged story of the apple falling from the tree contributing to his discovery of gravity?). Even better, an adult beverage that is only $2.99 for a 6-pack? I was sold.


One of the great things about TJ's is that they let you mix and match 6 packs. Naturally, I had to get some of both the original flavor and of the Granny Smith flavor. The review: pretty good. Not phenomenal, but certainly a refreshing drink after a long day. Both flavors are very smooth, with a touch of sweetness. I like the granny smith flavor a little bit better -- it has just a hint of the tartness to add an extra layer. My verdict: definitely good for the price.

Note that a little sleuthing on the web turned up a few posts that discovered the brewer is the same brewer as Woodchuck Draft Cider.


Kelly said...

I love that you have a review of cider. I think your comments were spot on. We decided this were okay (But good for the price) although not our favorite. Lately we've been into a cider that comes in a large multiserve bottle from France that is fantastic. We were also lucky enough when in California to find a cider bar, which was quite cool.

Claire Uncorked said...

I'll have to pass this along to a cider-loving friend of mine. Thanks!

ChicagoGrrrl said...

Beer and cider mix = very good. Its the "snakebite" but without blackcurrant. guiness and cider, ale and cider, very good drink