Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Kids on the Blog

I 've been wanting to begin a blog for awhile as a way to "show off" all the photos we take of our golden retriever, Chase. When we are not talking about, playing with, or generally being entertained by the dog, we enjoy cooking (and eating) and wine. So, mostly I will write about food we cook and wine we drink, but I will occasionally throw in some doggie pics as well. Bear with me, as my food photos will be a work in progress.

My husband, Scott, and I enjoy cooking together. Most of our creations are a joint effort, or as I like to say, he is my 'sous chef.' Our creativity is directly related to how much wine we are drinking while we cook.

I have always been a bit intimidated by scallops. I love to eat them, but was nervous about cooking them. The trepidation of turning beautiful seafood into rubber was something that led me to walk away from the seafood counter. I decided I needed to conquer that. I am no longer a scallop cooking virgin! Here is a dish that was inspired by a dish I had at one of my favorite restaurants in Tucson Arizona. I didn't do the original dish justice, as it was not nearly as tasty. I am happy to report that while I didn't have a recipe, the scallops were cooked perfectly - not rubbery at all.


Since I had not planned on "blogging" this when I made it, there really isn't a recipe. I sauteed lightly salt and peppered scallops over med high heat in olive oil. Meanwhile, Scott was making a basic risotto recipe, with the addition of a handful of frozen, shelled edammame. We layed the scallops atop of the risotto and drizzled with some pomegranate molasses. On the side, broccoli, carrots,and shitake mushrooms lightly sauteed.

We had this with a Bogle Pinot Noir.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog!

Unknown said...

Yeah! I'm so happy you finally did it!:) I had no idea Chase was a golden. My parents have had goldens for a long time and I'm in love with them. Dave and I definitely share your passion for dogs. Our dogs are our babies and we could not live without them. I love your scallops and the unique take on risotto. Definitely a must try. I was actually looking at some scallops today in the grocery store but they didn't look very good so I'm waiting for a good batch.

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention how much I love the header picture of the wine glass with the sunset! Absolutely beautiful!

Kirsten said...

YAY!! Welcome!! Love the first post and so glad you are live and up and running.

Thanks SO much for the fresh herbs. They are WONDERFUL!!

Mo said...

Anonymous - thanks!

Christine- Yes, Chase is our big, spoiled golden. He was the "best dog" in our wedding.

Kirsten - You can have more fresh herbs anytime. Especially if you post your amazing creations.