Monday, August 13, 2007

The Perfect Napa afternoon

When the heat of Arizona's summer gets to much to handle, Scott and I like to take a long weekend and head out of town. Awhile back, we took a trip to Napa for some wine tasting and relaxation. Scott's aunt works in the wine business, and had invited us to a company picnic at the winery. Unwinding from a busy week, we sat out in picnic fashion under fig trees, drank delicious wines, and snacked on various munchies. Life is good...our biggest decision was where to have dinner that night.

The next day we met up with Scott's aunt, and headed to Opus One.
Normally, a tasting at this winery is $25, but because we were with someone "in the business," we got in free. (Keep in mind, this isn't like other wineries, a tasting is one taste of their renowned Cab.) It was a lovely Sunday morning, so we took our glasses and headed up to the top patio. Our senses were overwhelmed, as we took in the view, the sound of birds singing in the background, the cool breeze,and the rich aromas of the lovely cabernet we were sipping. With this surrounding, how could the wine be anything but fabulous?

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Kirsten said...

That sounds sooo wonderful!

Especially after a long and slightly stressful Monday and with record-breaking heat.

Thanks for posting! :)

Mo said...

I was dreaming of being in Napa yesterday as I was getting in and out of my hot car all day. I came home and had a nice cold glass of sauvignon blanc and looked at vacation photos. :)

Unknown said...

I've never been to Napa and I've been dying to go! This sounds great - I'm so jealous of your "connection!" :)